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Island Tug and Barge (ITB) is a subsidiary of Tidewater Canada, Incorporated and has provided solutions for the marine industry for over 50 years. ITB has demonstrated seasoned proficiency in the marine transportation of petroleum products on the West Coast of Canada, the United States, and the Arctic. The primary supplier of oil cargo transport in Western Canada, ITB has enjoyed a long history of serving the West Coast’s coastal communities, and is currently the largest provider of bulk fuel products to Vancouver Island.

Island Tug and Barge provides diverse marine services to a wide range of industries. Services include bulk fuel transportation, specialty towing, marine logistics, and tug and barge services. Recognized for valuing long-term relationships with several of the world’s foremost multi-national oil producers, ITB transports 1.6 billion liters of fuel annually on over 700 voyages. ITB’s customers come from a wide range of industries including fuel transport, utilities, government, military/coast guard, shipping, scientific research and marine construction.

With a fleet of technically advanced tug boats and state-of-the-art double-hulled barges, ITB’s commitment to renewal and modernization has established a precedent for operational excellence as the West Coast’s largest bulk transporter of refined petroleum products. Its growing fleet includes nine towboats and nine barges. ITB’s vessels are recognized for their innovative design and strict attention to safety. ITB is ISO 9001 certified by Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance program and follows the ISM Code for Safety Management established by the International Maritime Organization. With skilled employees, customized equipment, and extensive industry experience, Island Tug and Barge provides effective and efficient solutions in the most challenging environments.


ITB Subsea provides a wide range of marine services to many different industries. Our services include underwater cable laying, ROV services, and marine construction. With knowledgeable people, professional divers, customized equipment and over 50 years of experience, ITB Subsea can provide effective and efficient solutions in the most challenging environments.


Island Tug and Barge and ITB Subsea is intent on upholding the highest possible standards of operation. This is made possible by a steadfast dedication to maintaining and developing valued relationships with customers, communities and the environment. ITB’s success is firmly grounded in its regard for the valuable, long-term rapports it participates in. Since its formative years, engagement with employees has been a foundational tenet of ITB’s ideology and has been critical in establishing a proven reputation for reliability and quality.


Sustained efficacy and success is achieved through, but not limited to:

  • A zero blame, highly accountable approach which reciprocally stimulates skilled professionals to operate while attentive to both safety and efficiency

  • A cultural shift brought about through focused, mindful leadership

  • Regular performance tracking and reporting protocols in service of promoting healthy, open lines of communication

  • An established standard of continuous innovation and improvement in an administrative, operational and technical capacity

  • Rigorous commitment towards ensuring the safeguarding of the environment in both land and sea based activity

  • Consistent attention towards the dignified ethical treatment of all individuals and ecologies affected by ITB’s dealings

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