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ITB Subsea is a leading diving company focused on safety standards. We provide expertise and equipment for most subsea applications.


  • Deep-water Diving

  • Underwater Welding

  • Subsea Completions


With the acquisition of Canpac Divers Inc. in 2011, ITB Subsea has the benefit of their longstanding reputation and expertise as a premier diving company and a leader in safety, deep-water diving, and underwater welding. All diving staff are graduates of IMCA approved commercial diving colleges and have had years of experience in the diving industry.

  • Mixed gas diving

  • Acoustic tracking

  • Non-Destructive testing

  • Underwater closed-circuit television

  • Hydrographic survey

  • Hyperbaric welding/wet welding

  • Concrete reconstruction and grouting

  • Concrete crack injection

  • HDPE Outfall construction and installation

  • Drilling, blasting, jetting and dredging

  • Wood, steel and concrete pile restoration & pile driving

  • Pipeline trenching & installation

  • Search and recovery

  • Airlifting

  • Pollution control and cleanup

  • Magnetometer surveys

  • Clamshell & hydraulic dredging

  • Steel Erection

  • Non-destructive testing corrosion

  • Installation of fiber optic cables

  • Pipeline & cable inspections

  • ​​Multi-year dam rehabilitation project consisting of installing new intake gates, sill plate replacement, and installation of watertight bulkheads

  • Multi-year project for the removal of pilings and installation of corrosion matrasses. 36” diam concrete piles at depths up to 100 metres

  • Removal of damaged sections of water main and installation of new sections of 60” diameter pipe

  • Diving services for fibre optic cable link from Vancouver mainland to Vancouver Island

  • Sewage outfall – 30” diameter in 200’ water, twin 90” diameter

  • Annual diving services contract for various government agencies

  • Reflotation and salvage of a 14,000-ton cruise ship “Pegasus” in Venice Italy

  • Provision of expertise, technology, and personnel for purposes of locating shipwrecks in Cuban territorial waters.

  • Management and diving services for the installation of an underwater tidal turbine near Vancouver Island, BC.

  • Project management and diving services for sea trials for a newly engineered pressurized rescue module system designed to transfer personnel from disabled submarines to the surface in water depths of up to 2,000 feet


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  • 33' Dive Boat

  • 28' Dive Boat

  • Nitrox Compressor

  • Dive Re-compression Chamber

  • LARS (Launch and Recovery System)

  • Mixed Gas Rack

  • Hydraulic Power Units

  • Hydraulic Tools (saws, drills, grinders, etc)

  • Salvage bags

  • HD video systems

  • 3D sonar capabilities

  • Burning and welding equipment

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