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Island Tug and Barge and ITB Subsea is committed to maintaining its competitive advantage as the industry leader in safety and safety management systems. 


Our commitment to safety is built into everything we do.


Island Tug and Barge and ITB Subsea is proud of a strong safety record. This was achieved by:

  • Continuous change and improvement

  • Cultural shift through strong leadership

  • Performance tracking and reporting

  • Zero blame, highly accountable approach


Island Tug and Barge Ltd. operates at the highest possible level of safety, as evidenced by our commitment to world-class standards through membership in classification agencies and industry organizations:


  • TMSA (Tanker Management and Self-Assessment)

  • ECOPRO (Washington State – Exceptional Compliance)

  • SIRE (Ship Inspection Reporting Program)

  • PICS (Petroleum Industry Contractor Vetting)

  • US Tank Vessel and NTV Plans and Approvals

Island Tug and Barge’s commitment to customer service is demonstrated by dedication to following ISO 9001 – 2000, a standard which consistently raises the bar and challenges the company’s ability to meet or exceed customers’ expectations of service.


Internal and external auditing are vital components of the process. The verification of ITB’s standards by a reputed third-party, Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance, demonstrates to customers that ITB is a well-managed company capable of achieving a high level of performance safety with little risk to the environment.

In support of pledging to protect people and the environment, Island Tug and Barge and ITB Subsea continuously interacts with industry and relevant government agencies to ensure that we are proficient in dealing with all risks associated with our business.

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