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ITB Subsea ranks as one of the premier submarine cable layers in Canada and provides a wide range of marine services to many different industries. With its own fleet of vessels and customized equipment, there are few challenges that ITB Subsea can't handle. 


ITB Subsea takes pride in providing quality service and excellence. ITB Subsea insists, at all times, on a high degree of competence and qualifications from employees and associates. Staff members have broad experience in working throughout Canada; as well as overseas. 

In 2017, Island Tug and Barge was acquired by Tidewater Canada, Inc. Please visit Tidewater's website at: 



ITB Subsea maintains a full inventory of equipment to provide most projects with a supply of the latest in principal and technological equipment. ITB Subsea has a unique philosophy in that we own and maintain a full inventory of core equipment to provide our client's projects with rapid mobilization and response time. ITB Subsea can also provide our clients with a broad range of specialized equipment and services with include: side scan sonar, magnetometer surveys, and sonar imaging capabilities. Click here for more information about ITB Subsea's equipment.

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