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Creating Innovative Solutions to Customer Needs using an Integrated Approach

Island Tug and Barge offers marine logistics services to those customers who require marine support and services for their projects, but are not in the marine business.

Utilizing our 50 years of experience, Safety Management System and proven reliability ITB can ensure our customers receive a safe, reliable and cost effective marine solution.

The common thread that runs through the whole organization is Island Tug and Barge’s unrivaled level of commitment to safety and the environment. A large focus for our Marine Logistics division is in ensuring the highest level of preparation and responsiveness to mitigate any risk associated with the unique task at hand.

We pride ourselves on offering a consistently high level of service and dedication to our customers whilst providing a cost effective and innovative solution. We achieve this by providing a comprehensive on-site analysis to ensure compliance within our Safety Management System, by using our own extensive industry knowledge and experience, and by making sure we have a constant positive impact on the communities and environments in which we operate.

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